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7 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Nick kollerstrom

    Hi, can you help me? I’m researching the july 7th tube story, London bombings. I’d like to contact a Simon Corvett ,26 of Oxford – for his testimony on the Edgeware Road station.
    Any chance you can locate him i n Oxford?

    I’m a member of the london 9/11 group

  2. Sorry, Nick. I’m afraid I don’t know Simon Corvett personally and Oxford is a pretty big place. The only thing I can suggest, really, is googling him. I’ll ask around the members here and get back to you by email if I have any luck, but I’ve not heard of anything before. Perhaps try Adrian at Bristol 911 truth? Best of luck. ctb

  3. Jozef Wladyslaw Szczygiel

    When i was looking at the fall of building 7 near the begining of the collapse their is something collapseing on the top of the building what would that of been caused by? Their was no debris from either of the trade centres that hit that certain part it is on the top left hand corner of the building.

    Hope you can help.

  4. Josef,

    I think your best bet is to go straight to the experts for that kind of information. In the blogroll (below right) are some good sites (particularly pilots, patriots, and ‘architects and engineers’ for 911 truth) to start researching with. Don’t trust anything you read or hear, particularly from the mouths of those who have no particular qualifications to say anything at all. I have a degree from a good university in Media and Communications theory, so I think I am – at least a little – qualified to give you some guidance in this limited area. Some people, however, will only try and guide you based on their own strong emotional feelings or research they have done with the influence of these strong feelings. Always try to be calm, unattached, and objective: that is, try to look at things as they are, rather than how you might like them to be.

    You have to take all the good, solid well-sourced information you can find, from both perspectives (for and against the official ‘terrorist’ theory) and from there simply make an intelligent judgement based on the information you have, your own experience and feelings, and other research you have done.

    The problem with much discussion of these issues on the internet is that many falsehoods are breathed life by lack of good research skills. Do your utmost to attain these skills, always remaining balanced, and no knowledge is beyond your grasp. Always be prepared to be surprised or wrong, but always get your facts straight (and be ready to tell people where you got them from, making sure they are from good, trustworthy sources – though this is not always easy to be certain of).

    I can’t remember who said this, but they put it very well: “Truth is the authority, authority is not the truth.”

    I hope this helps you, Josef. Best of luck with the hunt: we’re all on the same path as you here. Keep in touch.

    C 🙂

    PS. Last thing but probably the most important thing of all. Don’t take it all too seriously. None of us know the truth, yet. And even when we do, there is far more good going on in the world than bad. Always remember that. We just have to keep our eyes open at all times to try and prevent these things from happening again, if we can.

  5. hi, id like to comment about the northwoods thing. i think its necessary to adjust your info on that as its a little missleading, the norhwoods document make it clear that the “students ” would be us agents and that they were not to be killed but a simulation of that event would happen. whilst i am in total agreement that unseen forces behind the us government planned and carried out 9 11. we must be accurate!…what the document does show is that there were elements in the us government willing to use false flag operations inciting the public. however at that time there was no plan to kill american students! READ THE DOCUMENT AND MAKE SURE TO BE ACCURATE or someone will think 9 11 truth is based on lies. lets not join the illuminatti elite in their lies

  6. I’m afraid I’m not exactly sure to which document or area of the site you’re refering to, Alan. I understand there’s a link to a film here on the site, but there’s nothing I can do to alter its content.

  7. OK, found it. Thanks for that 🙂

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