About this site

You will find here numerous documentaries and footage that will inform you about the 9/11 issue. There are over 30 films and some 20-30 hours of footage in all.

At the top of this page you will see seven different headings (please note: some of these pages may take a short while to load owing to their media-heavy content), and down the right hand column four sections and a search facility.

Along the top:

1/ FRONT PAGE – That’s here. See the links under RECENT POSTS (to the right) for the information you can see here.

2/ 911 – Films about the 911 WTC attacks and the copious anomalies in the official report/story.

3/ ACTION – Find out what to do.

4/ MEDIA – Films/footage/documentaries concerning the corporate media and journalistic corruption.

5/ NEWS & EVENTS – Latest news and events information.

6/ RELATED – Related films and miscellaneous footage. Please do not disregard this section. There is some fascinating and important material here.

Down the side:

1/ RECENT POSTS – The links in this section should be fairly self-explanatory.

2/ ANNOUNCEMENT – Here we will often have an announcement about an upcoming event or a picture of our current leaflet that we are handing out to the public from our stall in Oxford city centre.

3/ CONTACT US – Quick access contact details

4/ BLOGROLL – Here are a number of reputable external sites. Please visit these sites as some of them provided us all with vital insights into the truth behind the 911 tradgedy. Many of them are constantly updated with breaking news and views. Many of them are supported by academic and professional institutions: they are the big guns of the 9/11 truth movement.


We at Oxford 911 Truth hope this information will assist you in your search for truth. We hope that you will join our campaign.

Please pass this resource address onto all of your family and friends. Complain to your local media and constituent MP’s.

To email your MP go to www.theyworkforyou.com, and be clear, brief, and polite. Raise awareness of this issue but do not antagonise anyone as it is detrimental to our cause.

Please ask any questions in the comments and we will try and answer you. Please be aware, however, we have jobs too!


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