About Us

Should you wish to contact us, email oxford911truth@gmail.com. Alternatively, come and meet us at our stall 12-2pm, Oxford Cornmarket Street, every Saturday.


We would like to state that we do not advocate the following:

1/ Any theory that planes did not hit the Twin Towers. There is sufficient media footage and eye witness account to disregard such an idea.

2/ That George W. Bush “did it”. We frequently have people approach us who feel that this is what we believe. We are not sure who perpetrated the attacks.

3/ Conspiracy theories. We are not theorising. We are not privvy to enough information – withheld by the US government – to speculate. All of our information comes from professional, reputable, and official sources. Our only concern is to highlight the copious and glaring inconsistencies in the official story. We believe these, alone, justify a new and independent investigation.

We are aware of a vast body of evidence that proves the true circumstances behind the 9/11 World Trade Centre terrorist attacks are being covered-up. We hope our leaflets and this website will go someway to introducing you to these facts and assist you in making an informed decision about what happened that fateful day.

Our goal is to raise public consciousness of this issue

Owing to the amount of information regarding this tragic event that has been made unavailable, we can only speculate about the truth. Our purpose, however, is to spread awareness of the fact that there is widespread disinformation, denial, and with-holding of vital information pertaining to the attacks; and that the ongoing maintenance of this cover-up appears to be of considerable importance to unknown factions – most likely corporate – within our political/military infrastructure.

Our question is, what have they got to hide?

We support a new independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding that tragic day. We hope, after having visited our site – and others – and having made an informed foray into the issues currently debated by millions world-wide (including hundreds of people far more qualified than ourselves to speak on these matters), that you will do the same.


3 responses to “About Us

  1. I commend you on your very balanced approach. An acquaintance with some facts about 9/11 may change one’s views about the world quite radically. The mainstream media has failed comprehensively to provide an objective and critical examination of those facts so we are forced to treat its reporting and “opinion forming” with a great deal more scepticism.
    A real investigation is of the utmost urgency for all our sakes.

  2. Your kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you from all of us 🙂

  3. Winson Fahrenheit

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that the official story is a total and utter myth. I commend you on the work you have done in bringing the massive inconsistencies in the official story to the general public bypassing the massive powerful state sponsored propaganda machine in this country (the BBC and main stream media).

    The recent hit-piece by the BBC was an appalling piece of deception, & the work by the academic charlatan Keith Seffen (myths dressed up in maths) underlines how the British establishment have a vested interest in this massive lie. This is not forgetting Sir Richard Dearlove (MI5) wields great influence at Cambridge University and at the BBC.

    The official stories of 9/11 and 7/7 are massive frauds, the work you are doing is the only thing which can save this country from a form of corporate-fascism that is literally already upon us.

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