We encourage you to pass this resource (that is, this website and all the information on it) onto all of your family, friends, and acquaintances (even strangers, as we have been doing!). Undoubtedly you will come across other sites and sources of information during your search. Please be careful and always ensure that your sources are genuine and soundly supported. Make certain they are not simply the ravings of an estranged, disillusioned, or otherwise politically motivated individual or group of individuals who cannot back up their claims with professional, official, or at the very least reputable sources.

Also, complain to your local media and constituent MP’s. E-mail your MP by going to Be clear, concise, and – above all – polite.

Please ask any questions in the comments and we will try and answer them or point you in the best direction, otherwise email us at We will get back to you ASAP. Please be aware, however, we have jobs too!

Finally, please come and see us at our stall (12-2pm on Cornmarket Street, Oxford), even campagin with us (please do, you are warmly welcomed to do so).

In memory of all the victims, now worldwide and ever-escalating, of this contrived tradgedy,

Oxford 911 Truth


One response to “Action

  1. Jozef Wladyslaw Szczygiel

    Hi I have been looking for more evidence against 9/11 for ages ever since i was 9 (on 9/11 2001) all i had in my mind was that teribly fake picture of the second plane hitting the south tower ever since i saw how fake that was i have just been searching up information about it and when in oxford this weekend just gone by i saw 3 people helping you guys and i just have to say if it wasn’t for me seeing them people i would have never continued to press issues against it i belive their is enough evidence against the true story to bring down george.w.bush (i do not belive it is right to call people like him president unless it’s of lies) and his brother and all those involved with this outrageous act.

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