Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is the ‘truth’ then?

We are not privvy to enough information – much of it withheld by the US government – to speculate or theorise about what happened. We do not know the truth. We do know, however, that there is sufficient evidence to suggest a cover-up of the truth, owing to the copious and glaring inconsistencies in the official story.

We are campaigning that the truth be known through a new and independent investigation.

2. But they wouldn’t kill their own people, would they?

Operation Northwoods. In the 1960’s the US Government planned to justify an attack on Cuba by staging terrorist events in their own country, killing US citizens. This is a brief interview with the man who discovered the now unclassified CIA document. The video shown in question 3, “But they’d never keep it a secret!“, is also related.

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3. Look how incompentent the US is in Iraq! How could they manage such a complex operation as 9/11?

If factions within the US government are incapable of pulling it off when it has access to possibly the world’s largest military and secret service, how could a group of Saudi terrorists with a leader living in a cave in Afghanistan suffering from renal failure (and reportedly on and off a dialysis machine: he was admitted to hospital in Pakistan with this condition before Sept. 11th, 2001) carry it off?

Watch this Whitehouse spokesperson walk-out on reporters questions concerning Bin Ladens ability to travel around remote terrain, evading UK SAS and US Delta special forces, when he is reportedly on dialysis and dying of kidney failure. There are even reports that Bin Laden is dead. If he did die, when did he die? Some sources, including Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, maintain he died as early as Dec 2001 (reported in New York Times, July 11, 2002). Why won’t US intelligence admit this?

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4. But they’d never keep it a secret. Somebody would speak out.

Did you ever hear about the USS Liberty? This “false flag” operation (meaning an orchestrated attack on one’s own public and/or forces which is then blamed on the enemy) happened in 1967. The CIA documents have even been de-classified: i.e, it is openly admitted. The video shown in question one, “But they wouldn’t kill their own people, would they?“, is also related.

Or Operation Gladio? Or have you ever heard of any black operations? Why do you think that might be? Should we dismiss the idea it is possible to keep these things covered up? Or would it be naive for us to believe that there are not people willing to do such work for the right money and with the right motivation (many secret military and spy operations have been carried out throughout history where the participants – and even their families – have been under threat of death).

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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4 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. DoesntLikeIgnorantBandWagoners

    Get your facts straight before you start a huge thing like this. People don’t appreciate you coming in and claiming things like this. Yes that is by the way all you are doing ‘claiming’ you don’t know the truth like you said. There is enough evidence to suggest it was a cover up? No you clearly just took everything off loose change, why dont you watch or listen, or read something real and then come to a conclusion? My grief yes still 6 years strong just gets pissed off when ignorant people like you set up things like this.
    You dont know the truth, so stop claiming it was the US government when you admit you don’t know. You have no real evidence, just opinion. So stop taking advantage of the people who are too stupid to realize that.
    I find you offensive and rude, now please stop and let my friends and family, and everyone else who died rest in peace.

  2. We can only compel you to listen to the opinions of other victims family members, such as are expressed in the 3 minute long trailer on the front page of this site.

    Also, in News & Events there is an interview with Bill Doyle, representative of 7000 victims family members, who estimates 50% of them believe there is a cover-up. He himself has also, reluctantly, come to this conclusion in his direct dealings with the US administration through the court proceedings he is involved in. Please listen to his point of view.

    It is only our concern that these views are fairly and adequately represented, as they are not being given their due time in the mainstream media.

  3. DoesntLikeCynicalPloys

    Regarding above comment from “DoesntLikeIgnorantBandWagoners”…
    Here are some facts.
    1) It is a fact, (not entirely well known, due to inexperience and ‘other causes’), that bereaved people are always highly interested if any evidence whatever comes to light that their loved ones were killed in a manner differing from the official account. (Note, as a typical example, the numerous bereaved at the forefront of 9/11 truth seeking).
    2) It is also a very well know trick of disinformers to cynically play on others’ sensitivity by pretending that 1) is not the normal reaction.
    At worst, they may pretend to be bereaved, and spin that manipulative line to shut the questioners up.
    Well, this questioner calls the bluff on that particular ‘game’, and will not shut up.
    People need to wise up to this “clever” emotional technique. It’s just one out of a well stocked ‘arsenal’.
    (Now, let’s see if that trick worked on the web site owners, who may well fall into the planted ‘insensitivity’ trap, and reject this message. Wouldn’t surprise me much. Webbies, you’re welcome to edit off this bracketed bit if you post up).

  4. To any future commenters,

    Please consider, if you would, the content of this website before further comment .

    At Oxford 9/11 Truth we feel only through due consideration of the issues of concern (as highlighted by the sources made available here) can any meaningful discussion take place.

    We recommend ‘9/11 Press For Truth’ (listed first under the ‘9/11’ heading above), the Bill Doyle radio interview (scroll down under the heading ‘News & Events’), and ‘9/11 Mysteries’ (also under the ‘9/11’ heading above). We would also suggest reading Robert Fisk’s ‘The Independent’ article on the front page, as well as the Peter Tatchell ‘Guardian’ article (the link to which can be found under ‘News & Events’).

    This is just what we think you might like to begin with. There are, however, numerous reputable, professional, and official sources available further throughout the site and externally, as listed in the blogroll (right hand column toward bottom).

    We are interested in any informed opinions, or professional or official sources of information, that shed light on any aspect of the 911 tradgedy,

    Best regards,

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